Angela is a natural teacher; she has the innate ability to take the complex and distill it down into something simple, approachable, and personal. Her style is uniquely her own. Angela may be guiding you through asana, anatomy, theory, reiki, or a zip line in the jungles of Cost Rica, and the beauty of it is that you are always learning two lessons at the same time. The learning you will consistently walk away with is the importance and power of turning inward. Layered then on top of that implicit wisdom, and always delivered with patience and kindness, is the information itself.

Angela’s knowledge and expertise in her field are vast, but it is her teaching style and authenticity that allow her students to feel seen, successful, and empowered. This is the mark of not only a great teacher, but also of a healer. I have trained with Angela for several years in group Vinyasa, Flow, and Yin classes, as well as private sessions, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, and 500hr Yoga Teacher Training modules including Hands-On Assisting, and Reiki Level 1.

— Julie N.

Angela is a guide at heart. Sure, she has a lot of knowledge to "teach," but what makes her so incredibly effective is that she helps guide her students to their innate wisdom, talents and truth. For that reason, Angela became one of my favorite yoga teachers. Not only did she help me better understand my body in yoga poses, she guided me into a deeper practice by holding space for my inward journey. 

As I took the leap into yoga teacher training with Angela, I deeply appreciated her knowledge of the body's energetic and physical anatomy. She brings this holistic knowledge to her yoga sequencing, private yoga sessions, as well as her mentoring and teaching of other teachers. I wholeheartedly recommend Angela for anyone seeking to deepen their yoga practice, their yoga teachings, or their journey to greater self discovery and healing.

- Lindsay M.


I was diagnosed with a rare leukemia in 2013, and my wife and doctors suggested that yoga, in particular the 'hold pose' yoga that Angela taught would be good for me and my battle. And it sure was, from the combination of affirmations, music, stretches, poses, to my favorite part, savasana! Miraculously, I continue to battle the disease despite statistics suggesting the contrary, and I am positive our yoga and reiki sessions together have been part of the health I enjoy today.

My favorite attribute I experienced in Angela’s classes was how personal her message and sessions were, even when there were 20 other students in the class. She is a special, anointed, talented instructor on the physical level and beyond. This led to me gathering a small group of college athletes for personalized classes to aid in flexibility, balance and conditioning. The athletes still talk about those classes and have even sought out yoga teachers back on their campuses.  

I also benefited from several reiki sessions with Angela as she worked to correct and align the energy disrupted from all the chemo and drugs used to fight back the leukemia. All in all, being a student of hers, and becoming a friend has been a great blessing for me and my wife.

- Scott S.

The first hot yoga class I ever took was taught by Angela and because of her, I have converted to taking hot yoga classes. She is one of the best instructors, if not the best, I have ever had. Having been a yogi for over 10 years, it was such a gift to have met Angela. She truly understands how the body works and how energy flows. She has keen intuition which gives her an innate ability to lead a multi-level class while ensuring the transition from poses are fluid so that the students can follow and not get hurt. She leads with intention and moves with grace which makes for each class an exceptional experience. In addition to her yoga expertise, she is versed in energy work which makes her reiki healing sessions so successful. If you ever have an opportunity to work with her in any capacity, consider yourself very lucky!

- P.M.W.

One of the most interesting parts of life is the privilege of getting to observe the growth of friends and loved ones. I met Angela 14 years ago, while she was still in college and just starting out in the sport of skydiving. Naturally athletic and with the inclination to dive deep into anything that caught her attention, it wasn’t a surprise when Angela began to progress in the sport as a sponsored competitor and industry representative. What made her different from the usual weekend warrior, or even full-time skydiving professional, was her vision and willingness to seek out expertise and mentorship from the best of the best. The other notable attribute was Angela’s source of her motivation – this wasn’t to impress anyone, this wasn’t to compensate for anything. It was clear that her drive was sourced from a deep desire to see what she was capable of. What Angela turned out to be capable of was reaching the very top echelon of the sport, all while maintaining her sense of humor, humility and openness. In the same vein, Angela’s yoga practice morphed from an activity that supported her athleticism and skydiving expertise into a life-changing and career-altering experience that continues today.  

Angela isn’t one to just sit back and receive knowledge. While she is a lifelong student, she is also a woman of action and service. She is a teacher. She is a giver. She is a healer. She is a guide. What more can you ask for from someone that you trust with your body and soul? Her excellence as a yoga teacher is undisputed and well-deserved. One would be hard pressed to find a teacher and resource as deeply invested in your growth as you are. 

While distance has kept us from being able to enjoy each other's company on a frequent basis, I’ve been able to visit for several “yoga & delicious food bootcamps.” I have come away each time with a deeper knowledge and appreciation of yoga and its healing powers. I have also called on Angela for help during some of the most difficult moments of my life. I have had numerous complex surgeries that left me physically and emotionally altered. I had no knowledge of Reiki, so, much to my surprise, working with Angela not only brought relief and a lifting of physical and emotional pain, but also a new willingness to open my mind to different modalities of healing. Another unique experience with Reiki was in 2016. My father’s death was very traumatic and drawn out, and I was in a state of combined rage and paralysis. I was in Seoul, Korea and Angela was in Durham. We set a time together, and much to my amazement, I found peace in an Intensive Care Unit. It is difficult to explain what happened. All I can tell you is that the state of extreme tension my body and mind were in for 17 days (at that point), released. I was able to be at peace with my father’s condition, and upon his death two days later, I was able to accept it with a loving heart intact. There is no question in my mind that Angela guided me to that state. 

Angela is a tremendous resource and would be an asset to anyone’s wellness practice. She has a calling and she follows it. Get to know her. Practice with her. Study with her. Let her in. She’s one of the good ones that we all hope to have in our lives. 

— Laura S.